When I first take a look about fisherman, I got lots of interesting to change my shell from bash to fish


How to Change to Fish (shell)

Install Fish shell

brew install fish

Change it to default shell

//Add fish shell into known shell list
sudo -s 
echo /usr/local/bin/fish >> /etc/shells

//back to original user
//change default shell to fish
chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

Suggestion a good plugin for Fisherman?

## My suggest plugin for fisherman
fisher omf/theme-bobthefish

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Ops, Why my all configurations missing?

You might occur all the ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc setting missing in fish.

Here is guideline to change it

I got help from @jbucaran, here is his guildline.

1. Convert aliases into functions to opt in fish autoloading, tl;dr alias is slow, functions are fast.

For example:

function vi
     vim $argv

2. For export, use set -x

For example:

//setup GOPATH
set -x GOPATH $HOME/src/go

//Extend your PATH


//bash setting
export GOROOT=`go env GOROOT`

//change to fish
set -x GOROOT (go env GOROOT)

More detail, feel free to check this gist.

Let use “fisherman”

“fisherman” is fish plugin manager, which is powerful and useful. Check here for more detail.

curl -sL | fish

Any problem? How to change it back?

Don’t worry, just use chsh to change it back.

chsh -s /bin/bash

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