Designing .NET Class Libraries: API Usability

Naming is alway difficult thing for me. But when look the speech which Brad Abrams  talking about naming convension, I think he provide more detail situation what we have to do when we need naming our variables. Some interesting about this speech as bellow:

  • “Google test”: he just talk about avoid abbreviation. He say you can use google to test the abbrebiation.
  • About casing rule: Just use camelCase in parameter naming,otherwise use PascalCase. (I think this rule give me some help)
  • Do not use underscore:  Do not use it when naming. Just like Some_Variable~~
  • Don’t use Hungarian Notation: Brad Abrams also talk about although Hungarian Notation is usefull in the past, but according the IDE progress more and more. Microsoft already ban their engineer using Hungarian Notation. So~~ in the public API do not use it, just use it in your function implementation(if you still want to use it).

There still have some great speech in the Designing .NET Class Libraries. You can choose what you interest topic and watch it online.

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