HW-59T - Improving performance with the Windows Performance Toolkit

refer: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/HW-59T


  • Motivation for performance analysis:

    • Performance related to multiple layered impact such as : hardware, OS, other application and process impact.
  • Stage of performance improvement:

    • Preception –> Measurement –> Analysis.

    • It will be back and forth after analysis and re-preception.

  • Tool list:

    • Trace Capture: Windows Performance Recorder

    • Tacce Analysis: Windows Performance Analizer

  • Things to look out:

    • Don’t assume you know what’s wrong.

    • Don’t enable too much instrumentation

    • Don’t trace longer than you need.

PLAT-203T Async everywhere: creating responsive APIs & apps

refer: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/PLAT-203T


  • Async only support on some API:

    • XAML, Tile on UI

    • GPS and portable debice on Device

    • All network and communicate

    • Applifetime, Authentication, Crytography on Fundamental

  • Await

    • Await is a simple way to against async API.

    • Await will make the async highest priority and let the compiler know here need to wait the result come back. Code will run as sequencial.

  • Error handling

try { FileOpenPicker p = new FileOpenPicker(); p.FileTypeFilter.Add(".jpg");ry var operation = p.PickSingleFileAsync(); operation.Completed = (IAsyncOperation f) => { MyButton.Content = f.GetResults().FileName; }; operation.Start(); catch(...) {}</blockquote> * try catch will only cover RED one, it need refine code to cover whole scope
try { FileOpenPicker p = new FileOpenPicker(); p.FileTypeFilter.Add(".jpg"); MyButton.Content = (await p.PickSingleFileAsync()).FileName; } catch(Exception e) {}
* It will separate into “RED” and “Green” one but still cover on try catch. * 5 top tips from presenter. * Don’t worry about the COM apartment. * Remember to start your operation. * File picker cancel != Async Cancel * It will complete but return NULL. * “use exception for exceptional things” * Don’t worry about Dispatcher.Invoke… * Don’t worry about the concurrency Refer: [http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericlippert/archive/2010/10/29/asynchronous-programming-in-c-5-0-part-two-whence-await.aspx](http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericlippert/archive/2010/10/29/asynchronous-programming-in-c-5-0-part-two-whence-await.aspx)

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