APP-186T - Build advanced touch apps in Windows 8


  • Major point of touch app design:

    • Unify pen and touch into PointerPoint

    • Get mouse and pen for free

    • performance performance and performance

  • Touch and Gesture support in framework

    • Metro app with HTML or XAML—> Gesture event

    • ICoreWindow –> Using point (touch simulate mouse click)

    • Windows Runtime –> PointerPoint with GestureRecognizer

  • PointerPoint:

    • Whole related point implement is here, HID data also can get using PointerPoint.
  • GestureRecognizer:

    • It just like the Win7 multiple touch support on MSFT, it support kind of gesture such as:

      • Tap, Hold, rotate and Scale
    • But more support on Win8 such as:

      • HoldWithMouse?

      • RightTap

        • To simulate with right click on mouse, such your finger about right click here.

        • mmmm….. it should be MSFT patent here for right click.

  • For desktop developer, MSFT also support full Windows Runtime about Gesture support –> Great!

    • WM_Point –> the same as usual

    • InteractionContexts –> mirror GestureRecognizer. Don’t forget WM_TOUCH and WM_GESTURE still support here.

    • Pointer device –> identify source device (touch panel, mouse or other.)

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