Keep note after I watch related event video of WWDC 2013.
Just some my summary and my understanding here.

  • Mac OSX Server become more important:

    • I believe OS Server version become more and more important when Xcode 5 launch. Note something I am very excited about: 

      • “Bot for continues integration”: Great tool, no need to build a BuildBot your self.

      • “Test Navigator”: Quick for debugging for unit test.

      • “Automatic configuration”:  Oh! no need for lots of setting when you trying to setup iCloud code.

      • “Source Control”: Migrate it deeply, should be easy to used. But everyone has his own SCS why I switch to this one?

  • iOS7 is much big change than flat design:

    • When everyone keep focus on the flat design, but no one take  a look some interesting thing as follows:

      • “Multiple Tasking”: No only multiple tasking but also power safe. How to do that? Apple just change the app on background work rule. Also add some API about background transfer (as I know lots of engineer use GPS to wake up your app on background transfer).  

        • The new background fetch become more smart and easy to use, it could detect user behavior to make sure power effective.

        • Remote notification become complete message not only for short message to make sure user could read it smoothly.

        • Background network transfer is great to use when you try to retrieve some data from internet on background.

      • “Transition and Effect”: Big change with flat design, Apple put more resource to present effect and transition.

Keep study…..

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