First section:

  1. Start button is back, but not easy to use …
  2. Win8.1 connect to XBoxOne, not surprise… But XBox Music? Why not call XboxPhoto and XboxMovie haha..
  3. New multiple monitor (8 split windows on two monitor..)
  4. Oh~~~~ everyone who attend this build got new tablet (like last year) 

Section two: VS2013 and others

  1. Async debugging becomes easier on 2013 IDE. Great!
  2. WebGL seems powerful
  3. Windows App Store also have auto update….
  4. DPI-Aware present on keynote…   It become more important for 3K or 4K monitor…
  5. Robot on Win8.1, mmmmm How about Romo
  6. Tablet overview .. skip, NB overview .. skip.   SurfacePro what? skip..

Section three:

  1. Bing support voice search.. looks great…  but…
  2. Project Spark is fancy game which like mine craft ….. 

Final 60 sec summary video for Win8.1, it seems tell everything XDDDD…..

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