BPS-1006 Tools for building Metro style apps

Refer video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/BPS-1006


It is introduction of VC2011, here is some major demo topic as follows:

  • Auto spell which is powerful with Visual Assist

    • Auto spell, finding related function and method. It is easy to go.
  • JS debugging:

    • It is cool to have debugger for JS which also support all debugging window (variable, watch…)
  • Parallel stack debugging windows:

    • It has visualization debugging tab for parallel which could show currently threading and each thread dependency.
  • RT XAML editor:

    • During debugging you also could editing XMAL code by select on UI or select on code segment to show UI change on fly.
  • Simulator debugger:

    • I think it is very cool stuff for me such we don’t have multiple touch panel on hand but we need implement some related to “Share”, “Search” which need finger slip.

    • It also provide “finger”, “rotate”, “zoom” and it could simulate to different resolution for Metro UI debugging.

  • Asynchronous programming (await, async)

    • Refer here for more detail:

    • Concept:

      • Will folk another thread after “await” and response on original message loop to ensure response quickly.

      • It look like to cut original message thread,one back to main and another keep doing async task.

      • It help us to using linear thinking to do asynchronous programming

    • Sample: (from here) async void ArchiveDocuments(List urls) { Task archive = null; for(int i = 0; i < urls.Count; ++i) { var document = await FetchAsync(urls[i]); if (archive != null) await archive; archive = ArchiveAsync(document); } }

BPS-1005 Platform for Metro style apps

Refer video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/BPS-1005


  • What is major different between Metro UI application with desktop application?

    • No overlay window architect (all full screen)

    • No message box related API.

  • Device access all using asynchronous to ensure all application could response on time.

  • About “Broker” in WinRT concern as follows:

    • Impact system integrity.

    • Impact user data

    • Impact User private

  • HTML5/CSS/JS great for Metro Apps

    • MSFT try to enlarge their engineer base and try to draw Web engineer’s attention to join Metro Apps development.
  • Package your application:

    • Application could be easily to pack and upload to MSFT with one click on VS11.

    • All package need digital signature before upload to App Store

TOOL-789C Bringing existing C++ code into Metro style apps

Refer video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/TOOL-789C


  • About Metro UI app:

    • No registry, GDI, MessageBox coding.
  • Here is work/not work desktop app

    • Work:

      • Standard C++

      • Parallel pattern

      • Win32 (WinRT and Win32 subset)

      • ATL (ATL subset)

    • Not work:

      • MFC
  • About WinRT

  • Q&A

    • Two Metro UI don’t have any way to communicate for now, currently it still isolate.

    • For disable API, it might change depends engineer feedback to MSFT.

    • All Metro UI need component could be pack to WinRT component and package today to delivery to end-user via store.

    • Shared component is not work on Metro UI, all component must be side-by-side. Because you could not use CoCreateInstance by CLSID, so there is unique CLSID on Metro world.

    • Whole app on Metro UI are isolate due to security and system integrity.

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