(Application Picker dialog from XP)

Application Picker is a dialog which will show-up when you insert DVD title or new medium in your computer. It show all playable application and let you to choose one from the list.

One day, I just woundering where can I find the setting? How could I change the autoplay icon? How could change the autoplay string?

Here is the detail document from MSDN: Preparing Hardware and Software for Use with AutoPlay

In follows steps, I will show you how to use “REGEDIT.EXE” to find out the setting and how it work.

  1. In Windows XP command line run “regedit”
  2. Find the Event handler in:

  3. The Event handler show the all kind event which come from Windows, find out “PlayDVDMovieOnArrival”. This is all application picker list when you insert DVD movie title into your computer.

“MSOpenFolder”=”” _ // For Open folder_
“RPPlayDVDMovieOnArrival”=”” //Use Real play to playback movie
“MPCPlayDVDMovieOnArrival”=”” //Use media player to playback movie.

  1. Ok this is the first step.Then we will go to “Handlers” to figure out how it work and what application it used.

  2. Every item in “Handlers” is presented a application. Let me show Media Player for your reference:
    “Action”=”@wmploc.dll,-6504” //Will show in dialog “Play DVD Movie”
    _“Provider”=”@wmploc.dll,-6502” _//Provider name “Using Windows Media Player”

    “InvokeProgID”=”WMP.DVD” _//Application ID which you can find in GUID.
    _“InvokeVerb”=”play” _//Playback command
  3. If you want to change any of it, just do it. Before you change anything, please remember to backup your registry setting.

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