Announcing the VS GDB Debugger extension or Chinese version Refer here to understand whole process.

Note and Gotcha

How to add ssh key from Windows to Linux server?

  • Use ssh-keygen.exe to generate SSH (SSH-2 RSA)
  • Upload ssh public key to server:
    • login to server
    • vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    • Add public key content to this file with start ssh-rsa
      • Note: Don’t forget the line break in windows, remove them all.
    • Done
  • Use private key locale to double confirm it.

My VS debugger cannot stop on breakpoint ?

Visual Studio will call gdb remotely and use gdb related command to communication. ex: add bookmark.

So, your local file name must identical with the remote source file name.
(ex: local: main.cpp, remote: main.cpp)

If file name not identical, the debugger will not stop on your breakpoint.

Where is pscp.exe and plink.exe

Download them from putty page

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