Opportunity about new 5G Radio Broadband


第一天的會議主軸主要是新的頻段可能帶來的商機與應用,當然不脫出三個主要的期待 (更高的頻段,更多的資料預載量,更有彈性的應用)

除了這些之外,不脫出 5G 的重要關鍵因素 (低延遲,高併發與高頻寬)

5G NR(New Radio)

  • Broadband range from 4G(6G HZ) to 5G NR(100 GHZ)
  • Also include mmWave (24 GHZ ~ 100 GHZ)

(refer slide)


  • Multi-Giga byte data rate
  • Much more capacity
  • Flexible deployments

(refer to QualComm slide)

Key Factors

  • eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband):
    • It means more data bandwidth for mobile system.
  • mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications)
    • For IOT or multiple concurrency IOT related industry. It include massive connectivity for IOT(or other) device.
  • URLLC (Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications)
    • It point to very low latency communication normally use for auto-driving.

三個面向就是 “高頻寬”,”高併發” 跟 “極低延遲” .就是 5G 的三個面向.

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