This article is a record to summarized my project to migration from Three20 to Nimbus.

Here is specific step by step to help you porting (migrate) your three20 

Original project is a Facebook photo album which implement base on

  • Add Nimbus in your project

    • Sync code

      • git clone

      • Goes to nimbus path

      • git submodule init

      • git submodule update

    • Include nimbus code in project

      • Core

      • Photos

      • Paging Scroll View

      • Models

      • Overview

    • Include Thirdparty in your code

      • JSONKit

        • remember to add “-fno-objc-arc” on Targets -> Build Phase -> Compiling Phase to disable ARC compiling
      • AFNetworking

    • Add framework

      • libz.dylib

      • MobileCoreServices.framework

      • SystemConfiguration.framework

      • CFNetwork.framework

    • Add those three include in your pch

    #import “NimbusCore.h”

    #import “NimbusPhotos.h”

    #import “NimbusModels.h”

  • Remove original Three20 project

    • Remove all Three20 xproj in your framework.
  • Replace using to replace TTPhotoViewController to FacebookPhotoAlbumViewController

    • Remove photo.h Photo.m

    • Remove PhotoSet.h PhotoSet.m

    • Remove PhotoViewController.h PhotoViewController.m

    • Drag NimbusPhotos.bundle from src/photos/resources into your project.

    • Add follow file into your project

      • NetworkPhotoAlbumViewController.m NetworkPhotoAlbumViewController.h

      • FacebookPhotoAlbumViewController.m FacebookPhotoAlbumViewController.h

      • CaptionedPhotoView.m CaptionedPhotoView.h

    • Replace PhotoSource related code to follow direct using album ID

    LikePersonAlbum *myEntity = [_fetchResultControllerobjectAtIndexPath:indexPath];


    Class vcClass = [FacebookPhotoAlbumViewControllerclass];

    id initWith = _Facebookalbum_id;

    NSString* title = @”test1”;

    UIViewController* vc = [[vcClass alloc] initWith:initWith];

    vc.title = title;

    [self.navigationControllerpushViewController:vc animated:YES];

  • Done, less than 2 hours.


  • Fast, easy to porting your code to source version control without any setting.

  • Compiler time reduce a lot. (Really~~~  a lot)


  • According to Nimbus “Three20 migration Guide”,  we should use NIToolbarPhotoViewController. Will check it later.

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