When we trying to use MongoDB, the requirement comes more and more complex and diversity. Here is some note during my implement.

Multiple condition in MongoDB Query

It is very easy to find data in MongoDB, but how about multiple condition such as “AND” and “OR” ?

AND OR in MongoDB

It is very easy to find “AND” support in MongoDB, but how to apply in mgo (MongoDB driver in Go)?

    // Find user name is John and Contry is US.
    var alldb []User
    UserCollection.Find(bson.M{"$and": []bson.M{bson.M{"name": "John"}, bson.M{"Contry": "US"}}}).All(&alldb)

Please note: the $and need combine an array of bson.M.

    bson.M{"$and": []bson.M{ CONDITION_A, CONDITION_B }}

So, it is similar with “OR” ($or), detail doc is here.

    bson.M{"$or": []bson.M{ CONDITION_A, CONDITION_B }}

Make it more clear in code.

    // Find user name is John or Tom.
    var alldb []User
    UserCollection.Find(bson.M{"$or": []bson.M{bson.M{"name": "John"}, bson.M{"name": "Tom"}}}).All(&alldb)

Using “like” or simple regular expression in MongoDB Query

When we trying to query data, sometime we need use “like”. In MongoDB it is easy to find data as follow:

db.users.find({name: /a/})  //like '%a%'

But the special charactor "/" will skip during Go programming, so we need change to use regular expression.

Collection.Find(bson.M{"name": bson.RegEx{"a", ""}}).All(&result) //like `%a%`

Query array size over “n” (great than “n”)

The major adanvantage of MongoDB is to store JSON directly. What if we want to find a array size which great than 2 ?

The first idea is to find if the array size great than 2 in the collection. So the query string should be follow:

Collection.Find(bson.M{"array": bson.M{"$size" : bson.M{"$gt" : 2}}}).All(&result) //like `%a%`

But it don’t work? How, so I find here is a discussion here.

The major idea is to get array element and check if exist. The easy way to get array index 1 (which mean second element of array aka. array[1])

Collection.Find(bson.M{"array.1": bson.M{"$exists" : true} }).All(&result) //like `%a%`

So, if you want to find array size great than 5, just change to array.4.


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