After some study about mongodb in some web server usage, I occur some question and need to resolve it.

Here is three major questions I found here.

  • Question 1: Auto increase number
  • Question 2: Check field(column

Auto increase number

This question comes from the usage of MySQL auto increase sequence number. I am wondering if there is similiar mechanism in MongoDB. There is a official article about MongoDB implement auto-increasementing Sequence Field.

The simple idea, is to add extra record in your database to storage this field. It might impact as follow:

  • Your index might need to refere this field.
  • Your query all need filter(ignore) the sequence record. (refer to “check field if exist”)

For the FindAndModify mechanism in MongoDB, the mgo has similar implement about “Apply”.


type DBSequence struct {
	ID  string `json:"id"`
	// ID is a string ID, in this case I will use collection.Name as it ID.
	SEQ int64  `json:"seq"`

func AutoIncDBSeq(col *mgo.Collection) (int64, error) {
	seq := DBSequence{ID: "seq", SEQ: 0}
	change := mgo.Change{
		Update:    bson.M{"$inc": bson.M{"seq": 1}},
		ReturnNew: true,
	_, err := col.Find(bson.M{"id": col,Name}).Apply(change, &seq)
	if err != nil {
		log.Println("err log:", err.Error())
		return 0, err
	return seq.SEQ, nil

Check field if exist

Some time it might easy to find empty field (column) in other database, but if you want MongoDB filter some record if some field is empty here is the sample code in mongoDB. From stackoverflow

  • db.collection.find({“lastname” : {“$exists” : true}})

//Check get if index is exist
func GetAllData() []Data {
	var alldb []Data
	//It is multuple query mgo sample, you need two bson in this case
	err := col.Find(bson.M{"index": bson.M{"$exists": true}}).All(&alldb)
	if err != nil {
		log.Println("No user in DB....")
		return nil
	return alldb

In this case it also describe multiple query mgo, sample.

{"lastname" : {"$exists" : true}}
-> bson.M{"lastname" : {"$exists" : true}}
-> bson.M{"lastname" : bson.M{"$exists" : true}}


When you need paginating for user request and display. You can use Skip and Limit command in MongoDB. Here is the detail howo.

Ex: Paginating information every 20 record a page.

var Alldb []ReturnData
skipCount := page * 20
limit := 20


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