APP-209T Build polished collection and list apps in HTML5


  • Collection: A set of related user content.

  • This session talking about how to write customized list view by WinJS by uing

    • Data Source

    • Item Render (CSS)

    • Layout (WinJS.UI.GridLayout)

  • It could be easy to select image list view import your data source and put basicc control on your list view.

  • Multi-select already support just add one propoties on it. (selectionMode = ‘multi’)

  • ListView is easy to grouping if you could provide detail data of each item, group rule and group render (to descript how to group).

  • Symantic Zoom:

    • It is a way to zoom out/zoom in by semantic  (such of “category”, “date”). It look like “Group By”.

    • ListView also provide semantic zoom.

    • Easy to implement to change <div id> to “zoomOutView” and related data control.

  • If app is snapped (snapped on side).

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