Head First Design Patterns
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Sometime you just write code without fully understanding the meaning. Like design pattern, maybe you already know part of them even use them very well. “Head First Design Patterns” is a good book, it use a story to let you know why you must use this pattern (some of us may not know forever).

As this chapter “Singleton pattern”, I have already used it in my code everywhere. But I can not get fully understand why we have to use this, how to use this and how to prevent other this in multiple threading programming.

I list a example fot singleton implementation.

class CSingleton { public:  static CSingleton * getInstance(); public:   void f1();  void f2();  void f3(); > > private:  virtual ~CSingleton();  CSingleton(); > > private:  static CSingleton *m_uniInstance; }; > >

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