Using docker-machine is another way to host your google compute instance with docker.

docker-machine create \
  --driver google \
  --google-project $PROJECT \
  --google-zone asia-east1-c \
  --google-machine-type f1-micro $YOUR_INSTANCE

If you want to login this machine on google cloud compute instance, just use docker-machine ssh $YOUR_INSTANCE

Refer to docker machine driver gce


  • The progress of docker-machine might be slow because it need connect to Google Compute Engine.
  • Do not use multiple docker-machine creation, because docker need to write related information on docker.sock. You might occur error on Wrapper Docker Machine process exiting due to closed plugin server (unexpected EOF).
  • Using docker-machine to create local vbox vm will install docker 1.12 rc1, but on GCP will using 1.11. So, we could use docker swarm mode :(

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