Designing .NET Class Libraries: API Usability

  1. **Remove DirectX SDK
    **Because VS2005 doesn’t need DirectX SDK, so ~~~ if you use some library from DirectX. Please use

#if (defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER > 1310)) //For VS2005 Compiler

Which the version of compiler VS2003 is 1310, and VS2005 is 1400.

  1. **Resolve “ambiguous symbol” build error from IXMLDOMElementPtr
    **From Microsoft PRB 316317(PRB: Compiler Errors When You Use #import with XML in Visual C++ .NET) and 26914(PRB: Compiler Errors When You Use #import with XML) .

We may use more precise directory path to import msxml.dll, such like import “C:MSXMLmsxml.dll”.

Also refer Belarce’s post on CodeGuru. You can download the old version msxml.h and include it before you import

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