CodeGuru: Plug-in Architecture Framework for Beginners

This article will help you to design a plugin architecture

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CodeGuru: Multi Platform Plugin Development Made Easy!

This is a sample to implement multiple platform plugin

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Kindel Systems MCE Controller

A MCE plugin

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Re: Xtras.Net’s XP MCE 2005 Hardware Kit for Developers

討論關於MCE 的Hardware Kit for Developer

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[The Green Button™ The Premier Windows Media Center Community Forum](

MM MCE 特有的按鈕 GreenButton 想不到有個特別網站~~~

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Matt Goyer’s Microsoft Windows Media Center Blog - MCE 2005


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Windows Marketplace: Media Center Plug-ins

列出所有的MCE plugin

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[The Green Button™ Community MCEStandby](

一個MCE plugin MCEStandby

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